Sunday, June 29, 2008

B.I. - Couch

We were sitting out in the living room with the lights turned out, and weren't sure what to do. She made the comment that she would bet me that she could stick my entire dick down her throat. Well, with little hesitation, I bet her that she couldn't.

She got down on her knees, and I stayed on the couch. She pulled my pants down just enough to get my dick out, and then proceeded to work the top. She licked it all around and started to bring it into her mouth. I then noticed that she was going further and further down the shaft. My dick felt real warm and wet from the wetness of her throat. She seemed like she was going to take my freaking balls into her mouth at one point. She kept grabbing them and trying. There was saliva all down my sack.

I then felt the urge rising, and she started working it harder. Right as I was coming she pulled away, and I shot off hitting her on the side of the face, and spewing all down my underwear. For a slut that would do anything, I couldn't believe that she didn't swallow that night. Apparently, I lost the bet.

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