Thursday, August 7, 2008

T.M.H. - Description

TMH was around 5'-0", with small breast, long brown hair, and a dynamite sex drive. She had very unusual eyes where one consisted of half brown and half blue and the other was brown. She had nice welcoming hips and a very pronounced nose. We spent almost 8 years in a sexual relationship, and then went our separate ways.

She seemed to be always wet when she was around me, and always receptive. We had sex thousands of times, and she always would have 2-3 orgasms. There was one year, when I was working for her father and living in her house, that we would have sex in the morning before I left, then around 3-4pm, when I got home, and then right before we went to bed.

She also loved the taste of my cum. She would suck my dick and drink down my orgasm. She was truly a fun ride.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

L.H. - Finger Bang

We were coming back from the city and as we headed down one of the highways close to my house, LH hit a dog, so I am not sure how the rest of the afternoon was going to play out. Once home, some of my dogs came up and smelled the car, which didn't help, but I must had said something funny because she started laughing and we went inside.

I sat on the bed and she took a place next to me, so I laid backwards so that I was behind her. She was wearing a sun-dress so I didn't have easy access to her naked back. I had to start massaging her through the dress. After a little while, I moved my hand down her body to her thigh, and sensing what I was after, she hiked the dress up above her ass. I then proceeded to rub her back in a very soft but firm way.

I unlatched her bra, and I could feel her breast fall forward. I then made sure that I moved my hands to both of her sides, so that I could begin to work the sides of her breasts into the massage. At this point I had sat up and straddled her from behind to allow my arms to have full access of her body. I began to move my hands to her belly and from there I pulled her bra out of the way. I then slowly massaged her nice breast and as she began to moan slightly, I moved back around and worked on her neck and head.

Knowing that she was getting pretty aroused by now, I moved back to rubbing her front, with occasionally dipping down to beneath her panties and the inner parts of her thigh. When I felt her wetness through the her panties, I knew it was time to get them off.

I proceeded to remove her dress off over her head and then softly pushed her back down on the bed. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs and revealed a rather nicely kept pussy. I could easily see her rather large pussy lips from her pubic hair, which was jet black and long. She trimmed it on either side, but still kept a good amount of the soft hair. At this point I began to wonder if it would be possible to actually bring a virgin to orgasm, because her pussy just looked so tasty.

I positioned myself besides her while bringing my hand slowly up the entire length of her body. After sucking on her tits, I began kissing her and moved my hand back dow her stomach and into a very wet soft pussy. I could feel her breath out when I touched her and tried to keep it as slow as possible. Unfortunately, it had been a while since I had last fucked, and we had continually been doing to heavy petting, so it was hard (no pun intended).

I started massaging her clit while occasionally inserting my finger into her pussy. I could feel her tight pussy almost sucking on my finger. After massaging the clit for a while I could feel her breathing start to get heavier and she started to move her hips more rapidly, so I pulled away from her. I could feel her catch her breathing for a short second, and just as she was probably about to start masturbating herself, she felt me begin kissing her tits. I moved slowly down to her belly and she put her hands on the top of my head. I could feel her pushing my down, but I knew that the longer I made her wait, the harder she would come.

I took the opportunity to remove my clothes at this point and then got back between her thighs. I started to lick her pussy, moving from the clit to her wet vagina. She tasted wonderful. While I ran my tongue around her clit, I move one of my fingers into her pussy. I could hear her grasp, when I inserted it. Her breathing returned to heavy and she pushed her pussy into my mouth. I could feel her hands tighten around my hair and then I felt her pussy tighten even more then it was around my finger. She let out a cry and then the release came. He entire body gyrated and I knew that I could take her if I wanted.

I moved up her body and began to kiss her. I could feel her pushing her pussy against my hard dick. I knew she wanted it inside, but I was not going to give it to her that day. While kissing her, I could feel the head of my cock almost going into her pussy, and when she felt it, she pushed forward as if to try and force me in. I rolled her on top of me and she got on her knees and straddled me. I could feel her rubbing her wet tight pussy all over my cock, but I wouldn't let her push it inside. I wanted her a virgin for the marriage.

Eventually, we calmed down and got dressed, but she did take something away from the romp, which was a burning desire to get fucked. Unfortunately, I would forfeit my chance, and a bartender would take it after we broke up.

L.H. - Description

LH was an interesting girl. She had dark black long hair, green contacts to hide her brown eyes, and pale white skin. A beautiful Asian mix with a goth like attitude, and also, a virgin. She had dated a guy for a few years before me, so I automatically assumed that she had been fucking him. But, she said no, and I somewhat believed her once I had my finger in her very tight pussy.

Her body was soft and thin, and she had some very nice breast that you could tell would eventually sag under their own weight. Of course, that wasn't a problem now. She was quiet, and was open to anything that I wanted to do with her even though she was a virgin. I guess that she was ready to move on to the next level of a relationship, and I was just lucky enough to wonder by.

Now, for some reason I had an unusual plan. I figured that since virginity was a rare commodity in the local females, that I would save her for marrying, and maybe keep my options open until that time. Well, that didn't work out.

Eventhough I was already thinking of marriage, unfortunately, BI was in the background. She would eventually break up the relationship, but until then, I would at least have some fun.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

B.I. - Spa (The Last Time)

After a party we went back to my house and she wanted to go in the spa. We sat and chatted for a little while, and then I noticed that she was removing the top of her one-piece suit. Her big tits started bouncing around in the bubbles and I just sat back and watched. She then pulled the bottom off and placed the suit over the side, and proceeded to move over and straddle me. We sat there and kissed for a while and I sucked on her titties. I pulled of my suit and threw it to the side. I proceeded to reach down and grab her ass, while pushing my dick between he large wet lips. After a short while, my dick started slipping on inside her not-so-tight pussy, I grabbed the condom that was sitting on the side and stuck my dick outside of the water just enough to get it on.

Now, normally the chlorine in a spa is a tricky bet with sex, but this girl was wet. I slid on in with no problems, and she went to riding me. It was freaking nice. She went for a while, and was really moaning pretty darn loud, and I was starting to get nervous that someone was going to hear. I then pulled her off and placed her belly down on the longer bench. It had a nice arch to it that made her butt stick up a little. I entered her from behind and started pounding her pretty good. I was mostly out of the water, so it sounded like a freaking fish floundering in shallow water. I didn't care at this point.

I came in this position, and it was pretty hard. Between my excitement and the chlorine, I was sure that I had busted the condom, but I lucked out when I pulled out of that wet pussy and the condom was intact. We then headed inside to my bedroom and got on the bed. To tell you the truth I was a little spent at this point and really wasn't interested in fucking her anymore. I really just wanted the skank to leave. She was still naked and proceeded to rub that pussy all over me. I could feel the thing wrapping around my soft cock. It felt like it was swallowing my poor dick. She then moved down and started to suck me off. She must have liked the taste of herself, because she went at it for a while, but I wasn't budging.

She eventually got tired and took off. That was the last time I fucked her.

B.I. - Couch

We were sitting out in the living room with the lights turned out, and weren't sure what to do. She made the comment that she would bet me that she could stick my entire dick down her throat. Well, with little hesitation, I bet her that she couldn't.

She got down on her knees, and I stayed on the couch. She pulled my pants down just enough to get my dick out, and then proceeded to work the top. She licked it all around and started to bring it into her mouth. I then noticed that she was going further and further down the shaft. My dick felt real warm and wet from the wetness of her throat. She seemed like she was going to take my freaking balls into her mouth at one point. She kept grabbing them and trying. There was saliva all down my sack.

I then felt the urge rising, and she started working it harder. Right as I was coming she pulled away, and I shot off hitting her on the side of the face, and spewing all down my underwear. For a slut that would do anything, I couldn't believe that she didn't swallow that night. Apparently, I lost the bet.

B.I. - Gang Bang

This was one tripped out night. Me and good friend of mine were out drinking and riding around, and I told him of this girl that I was fucking, who seemed to be into some pretty wild shit. We swung by her house and picked her up, and them proceeded to ride around and drink. She was wearing this pretty short shirt and it was rather easy to see she had on some bright white panties. Her top was a small, well-fitting t-shirt and he big tits were flopping around without a bra to hold them back. We had a 190 octane with 2 shots of Everclear, so everyone was feeling pretty good.

After a few hours we proceeded back to her house. Now I was driving and BI refused to sit in back, so we put her in GWs lap. She had been pulling on his dick for a good thirty minutes, which had him pretty hard, and I was watching her finger herself through her skirt, so I was pretty worked up. So, when she said that we could come in, we jumped at the opportunity.

Once inside, we got her clothes off pretty fast and went to the bedroom, but we were a little hesitant at getting fully nude. Now, I am 6'-1" and built pretty solid, but GW is about 7'-0" and built like a fucking tank. I was a little concerned about sharing the same pussy with him, but BI made everything seem okay.

She got on her knees and pulled both of our pants down. She started sucking my dick and deep throated it pretty easily. She then turned to GW and I think she was taken back a little by the size, but she put it in her mouth and after a few bobs of the head she had his dick all the way down her throat.

I then picked her ass up and put my fingers between her pussy lips. She was freaking wet, so I grabbed a condom from the drawer next to the bed and slid it on my cock. It was an easy slide into her pussy, and I started hammering away, while she was going to town on GWs dick. After a while I pulled out, and turned her ass to GW. She started to suck the pussy juice off of the rubber, and then I saw GW stick his dick into her pussy. I could feel her gasp while she was sucking my dick.

After we did this a couple of times, she asked her to shove our dicks in her ass. I wasn't to keen on the idea, and neither was GW, so we came up with something more interesting. GW laid down on the bed, and BI got on top and started to ride him. I got behind her and pushed her down so that GW could suck on those big tits. BI thought I was going for her ass, but I wanted to try something else, so I put my dick next to GWs and pushed it into BIs pussy. It was tripped out. She was yelling for me to shove it in and I just kept pushing. Well, bam, it went in and she moaned pretty fucking loud. We proceeded to fuck her pussy, and both GW and myself ignored the point that we were rubbing our dicks together and just concentrated on tearing BIs pussy up, which to be honest wasn't easy to do.

After just a few minutes of fucking her, she let out a few curse word and something about Jesus. I could feel that big pussy all of a sudden get a slight bit tighter. Well, that was enough for me. I came and GW came right after. What a fucking mess. Both freaking condoms had come off and were up in her pussy, and we had shot records amount of come into this girl that was not draining on to GWs balls.

She asked us where the condoms were, and I said that I think they are still in there, and she said to get them out. Well, I had already came, so I wasn't feeling like going back into the scene of the crime and neither did GW. So, she reached her fingers up in there and pulled one and then the other right out. What a freaking trooper.

B.I. - Description

Long black hair, Hispanic mix, large breast, big brown eyes, round face, and more sexual experience than most girls. When I met BI she was fucking a 25 year old marine, and practically living with him. I was real surprised that her parents allowed it, but I would find out later that they were more into keeping face with the community than dealing with their daughters ramped sexual appetite.

To be honest, I didn't believe the stories that my friends relayed about this girl. I just figured it was normal high school misinformation and spite, but I would find out that the majority of it was true. But hey, who can complain at that age.

She would be my first and definitely one of the more memorable. The relationship wasn't that long, but any time with that slut was a true adventure in sexuality.