Sunday, June 29, 2008

B.I. - Spa (The Last Time)

After a party we went back to my house and she wanted to go in the spa. We sat and chatted for a little while, and then I noticed that she was removing the top of her one-piece suit. Her big tits started bouncing around in the bubbles and I just sat back and watched. She then pulled the bottom off and placed the suit over the side, and proceeded to move over and straddle me. We sat there and kissed for a while and I sucked on her titties. I pulled of my suit and threw it to the side. I proceeded to reach down and grab her ass, while pushing my dick between he large wet lips. After a short while, my dick started slipping on inside her not-so-tight pussy, I grabbed the condom that was sitting on the side and stuck my dick outside of the water just enough to get it on.

Now, normally the chlorine in a spa is a tricky bet with sex, but this girl was wet. I slid on in with no problems, and she went to riding me. It was freaking nice. She went for a while, and was really moaning pretty darn loud, and I was starting to get nervous that someone was going to hear. I then pulled her off and placed her belly down on the longer bench. It had a nice arch to it that made her butt stick up a little. I entered her from behind and started pounding her pretty good. I was mostly out of the water, so it sounded like a freaking fish floundering in shallow water. I didn't care at this point.

I came in this position, and it was pretty hard. Between my excitement and the chlorine, I was sure that I had busted the condom, but I lucked out when I pulled out of that wet pussy and the condom was intact. We then headed inside to my bedroom and got on the bed. To tell you the truth I was a little spent at this point and really wasn't interested in fucking her anymore. I really just wanted the skank to leave. She was still naked and proceeded to rub that pussy all over me. I could feel the thing wrapping around my soft cock. It felt like it was swallowing my poor dick. She then moved down and started to suck me off. She must have liked the taste of herself, because she went at it for a while, but I wasn't budging.

She eventually got tired and took off. That was the last time I fucked her.

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