Sunday, August 3, 2008

L.H. - Finger Bang

We were coming back from the city and as we headed down one of the highways close to my house, LH hit a dog, so I am not sure how the rest of the afternoon was going to play out. Once home, some of my dogs came up and smelled the car, which didn't help, but I must had said something funny because she started laughing and we went inside.

I sat on the bed and she took a place next to me, so I laid backwards so that I was behind her. She was wearing a sun-dress so I didn't have easy access to her naked back. I had to start massaging her through the dress. After a little while, I moved my hand down her body to her thigh, and sensing what I was after, she hiked the dress up above her ass. I then proceeded to rub her back in a very soft but firm way.

I unlatched her bra, and I could feel her breast fall forward. I then made sure that I moved my hands to both of her sides, so that I could begin to work the sides of her breasts into the massage. At this point I had sat up and straddled her from behind to allow my arms to have full access of her body. I began to move my hands to her belly and from there I pulled her bra out of the way. I then slowly massaged her nice breast and as she began to moan slightly, I moved back around and worked on her neck and head.

Knowing that she was getting pretty aroused by now, I moved back to rubbing her front, with occasionally dipping down to beneath her panties and the inner parts of her thigh. When I felt her wetness through the her panties, I knew it was time to get them off.

I proceeded to remove her dress off over her head and then softly pushed her back down on the bed. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs and revealed a rather nicely kept pussy. I could easily see her rather large pussy lips from her pubic hair, which was jet black and long. She trimmed it on either side, but still kept a good amount of the soft hair. At this point I began to wonder if it would be possible to actually bring a virgin to orgasm, because her pussy just looked so tasty.

I positioned myself besides her while bringing my hand slowly up the entire length of her body. After sucking on her tits, I began kissing her and moved my hand back dow her stomach and into a very wet soft pussy. I could feel her breath out when I touched her and tried to keep it as slow as possible. Unfortunately, it had been a while since I had last fucked, and we had continually been doing to heavy petting, so it was hard (no pun intended).

I started massaging her clit while occasionally inserting my finger into her pussy. I could feel her tight pussy almost sucking on my finger. After massaging the clit for a while I could feel her breathing start to get heavier and she started to move her hips more rapidly, so I pulled away from her. I could feel her catch her breathing for a short second, and just as she was probably about to start masturbating herself, she felt me begin kissing her tits. I moved slowly down to her belly and she put her hands on the top of my head. I could feel her pushing my down, but I knew that the longer I made her wait, the harder she would come.

I took the opportunity to remove my clothes at this point and then got back between her thighs. I started to lick her pussy, moving from the clit to her wet vagina. She tasted wonderful. While I ran my tongue around her clit, I move one of my fingers into her pussy. I could hear her grasp, when I inserted it. Her breathing returned to heavy and she pushed her pussy into my mouth. I could feel her hands tighten around my hair and then I felt her pussy tighten even more then it was around my finger. She let out a cry and then the release came. He entire body gyrated and I knew that I could take her if I wanted.

I moved up her body and began to kiss her. I could feel her pushing her pussy against my hard dick. I knew she wanted it inside, but I was not going to give it to her that day. While kissing her, I could feel the head of my cock almost going into her pussy, and when she felt it, she pushed forward as if to try and force me in. I rolled her on top of me and she got on her knees and straddled me. I could feel her rubbing her wet tight pussy all over my cock, but I wouldn't let her push it inside. I wanted her a virgin for the marriage.

Eventually, we calmed down and got dressed, but she did take something away from the romp, which was a burning desire to get fucked. Unfortunately, I would forfeit my chance, and a bartender would take it after we broke up.

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