Thursday, August 7, 2008

T.M.H. - Description

TMH was around 5'-0", with small breast, long brown hair, and a dynamite sex drive. She had very unusual eyes where one consisted of half brown and half blue and the other was brown. She had nice welcoming hips and a very pronounced nose. We spent almost 8 years in a sexual relationship, and then went our separate ways.

She seemed to be always wet when she was around me, and always receptive. We had sex thousands of times, and she always would have 2-3 orgasms. There was one year, when I was working for her father and living in her house, that we would have sex in the morning before I left, then around 3-4pm, when I got home, and then right before we went to bed.

She also loved the taste of my cum. She would suck my dick and drink down my orgasm. She was truly a fun ride.

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